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Serial Key Generator is application specially designed for software developers to help protect your applications by serial key registration. Add and delete serial keys from MS SQL server. Specify the KMS Client Setup Key in the sysprep answer file. Here's a list of keys for WS 2008 R2: Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC Edition - FKJQ8-TMCVP-FRMR7-4WR42-3JCD7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter - 74YFP-3QFB3-KQT8W-PMXWJ-7M648 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise - 489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3Y. Download now the serial number for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. All serial numbers are genuine and you can find more results in our database for Microsoft software. Updates are issued periodically and new results might be added for this applications from our community.

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APPLIES TO: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) Parallel Data Warehouse

Returns the MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, SHA1, or SHA2 hash of its input in SQL Server.



Identifies the hashing algorithm to be used to hash the input. This is a required argument with no default. The single quotation marks are required. Beginning with SQL Server 2016 (13.x), all algorithms other than SHA2_256, and SHA2_512 are deprecated.

Specifies a variable containing the data to be hashed. @input is varchar, nvarchar, or varbinary.

Specifies an expression that evaluates to a character or binary string to be hashed.

The output conforms to the algorithm standard: 128 bits (16 bytes) for MD2, MD4, and MD5; 160 bits (20 bytes) for SHA and SHA1; 256 bits (32 bytes) for SHA2_256, and 512 bits (64 bytes) for SHA2_512.

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 (11.x) and later

For SQL Server 2014 (12.x) and earlier, allowed input values are limited to 8000 bytes.

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Return Value

Microsoft Sql Server 2008 R2 Management Tools

varbinary (maximum 8000 bytes)


Consider using CHECKSUM or BINARY_CHECKSUM as alternatives to compute a hash value.

The MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, and SHA1 algorithms are deprecated starting with SQL Server 2016 (13.x). Use SHA2_256 or SHA2_512 instead. Older algorithms will continue working, but they will raise a deprecation event.


Return the hash of a variable

The following example returns the SHA2_256 hash of the nvarchar data stored in variable @HashThis.


Return the hash of a table column

The following example returns the SHA2_256 hash of the values in column c1 in the table Test1.

Here is the result set.

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Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 R2

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Sql Server 2008 Developer

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