Melody Generator Based On Key

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A midi melody generator. This model generator is based on a poetry lstm model generator coded by dvictor. I modified for midi words generator.

Structure of this model

ChordChord is the best music maker tool for chord progression generation! Make music online with one click. Apr 19, 2013  Kepik is a melody generator that generates melody based on user-customized constraints. The best generators are manual ones. They make you specify certain parameters and generate music based on them. Dirk Povel's Melody Generator is decent. RapidComposer is the best. It contains many separate generators for bass, melody, harmony, dyads, staccato etc. And they are very musical. Songworks has a melody+chord generator which is good. Songworks can also harmonize melodies. The actual generation of melodies, is based in part on constraints imposed by the tonal context, i.e. By meter and key, the settings of which are controlled by means of parameters on the interface. For another part, it is based upon a set of construction principles including the notion of a hierarchical organization, and the idea that melodies. Hookpad is an easy-to-use chord and melody sketchpad with built-in music theory, melody guides, and intelligent chord suggestions to help you write chords and melody like a boss. Using secondary chords (chords based on a different key) to create tension. Combining melody. is an online music sequencer. Make tunes in your browser and share them with friends! Shortcuts: Left click to place and move notes, right click to erase, middle click or space to play from a specific time, delete to erase selected notes Made by Jacob Morgan and George Burdell Hosting 1,243,037 sequences since 2013.

I used a 2 layer LSTM each with 400 node and 0.6 dropout

Melody Generator Based On Key Crossword

Listen to what I just found in the WolframTones music universe.

some tensorflow pesudo-code like this:

Quick Start

0. get some midi file

Google 'midi download' and get them :-)

1. midi → text string

this will generate a txt sufficed file which looks like this

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2. train your model

put your encoded source file in a specific folder and rename it to input.txt

3. sample some coded melody

Free Online Melody Generator

you will get some tensorflow dump files after the training, use the final one to sample some output

Melody Generator Based On Key Largo

if you'd like to use your own sample seed, you can use '--header' arg

4. text string → midi

then you will get your generated midi file

5. play it!

To-do list (already done)

I'm planning to add the following features in the future

  1. Embedding will be added to make the training memory friendly

  2. Add more co-related midi melodies to enlarge the learning material

  3. Use GPU to speed up the training

Understanding LSTM Networks

This is the best introduction about LSTM networks I found.

Karpathy's raw Readme

this is where my original idea came from..

please follow Karpathy's readme to setup your experiment for training and sampling.