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(C#) Generate RSA Public/Private Key Pair and Export to PEM. C# example code showing how to generate an RSA public/private key pair and export to PEM files. C (Cpp) generateSecretKey - 3 examples found. These are the top rated real world C (Cpp) examples of generateSecretKey extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Oct 02, 2019  The sample application shows an example how to generate a key pair into a context ( rsa or ecp ). Once you have the relevant context, you can use this context to write both the public key and the private key in PEM format, using mbedtlspkwritepubkeypem and mbedtlspkwritekeypem.

  1. Oct 05, 2007 To add a comment to the public key file when generating the key add to the key generation command -C 'you comment'. For example to generate 4048 bit RSA key with “home machine” as a comment you will do the following: ssh-keygen -b 4048 -t rsa -C 'home machine'.
  2. How to Create a Public/Private Key Pair. The standard procedure for creating a Secure Shell public/private key pair follows. For information on additional options, see ssh-keygen(1). Start the key generation program.
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Download and install the OpenSSL runtimes. If you are running Windows, grab the Cygwin package.

OpenSSL can generate several kinds of public/private keypairs.RSA is the most common kind of keypair generation.[1]

Other popular ways of generating RSA public key / private key pairs include PuTTYgen and ssh-keygen.[2][3]

Generate an RSA keypair with a 2048 bit private key[edit]

Execute command: 'openssl genpkey -algorithm RSA -out private_key.pem -pkeyopt rsa_keygen_bits:2048'[4] (previously “openssl genrsa -out private_key.pem 2048”)


Make sure to prevent other users from reading your key by executing chmod go-r private_key.pem afterward.

Extracting the public key from an RSA keypair[edit]

Execute command: 'openssl rsa -pubout -in private_key.pem -out public_key.pem'


A new file is created, public_key.pem, with the public key.

It is relatively easy to do some cryptographic calculations to calculate the public key from the prime1 and prime2 values in the public key file.However, OpenSSL has already pre-calculated the public key and stored it in the private key file.So this command doesn't actually do any cryptographic calculation -- it merely copies the public key bytes out of the file and writes the Base64 PEM encoded version of those bytes into the output public key file.[5]

Viewing the key elements[edit]

Execute command: 'openssl rsa -text -in private_key.pem'

All parts of private_key.pem are printed to the screen. This includes the modulus (also referred to as public key and n), public exponent (also referred to as e and exponent; default value is 0x010001), private exponent, and primes used to create keys (prime1, also called p, and prime2, also called q), a few other variables used to perform RSA operations faster, and the Base64 PEM encoded version of all that data.[6](The Base64 PEM encoded version of all that data is identical to the private_key.pem file).

Password-less login[edit]

Often a person will set up an automated backup process that periodically backs up all the content on one 'working' computer onto some other 'backup' computer.

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Because that person wants this process to run every night, even if no human is anywhere near either one of these computers, using a 'password-protected' private key won't work -- that person wants the backup to proceed right away, not wait until some human walks by and types in the password to unlock the private key.Many of these people generate 'a private key with no password'.[7]Some of these people, instead, generate a private key with a password,and then somehow type in that password to 'unlock' the private key every time the server reboots so that automated toolscan make use of the password-protected keys.[8][3]

C Generate Rsa Key Pair Program

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How To Generate Rsa Key Pair

  • Internet_Technologies/SSH describes how to use 'ssh-keygen' and 'ssh-copy-id' on your local machine so you can quickly and securely ssh from your local machine to a remote host.

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